Strato: com域名首年0.96刀,续费8.4刀


  • Strato是家德国域名商,90年代就开始从事相关业务。
It's one of germanys oldest and largest hosters - They go back to the late 90s. Even though they once were infamous for crappy performance and a hugh data loss of client data on their production storage backend (if i recall correctly, many thousands or tenthousands of shared hosting accounts lost everything), that is easily 10-15 years past. And at that time there were not so many hosters. They were independent for a long while, then acquired by german telekom long ago and then passed on to United Internet (1&1, internetX, Schlundtech) last year. UI in total belongs to the 5 largest Webhosters in the world. And with the acquisition of Strato the old, very old fight between Strato and 1&1 has finally come to an end :-) (Or who in the industry in germany does not remember the quarrels between those two - Strato had an earlier start but, bugged by technical problems, was overaken by 1&1 some years later. Aaaah, those were the days. Good days, good days. :-) )


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  • 每个账户限制3个域名
  • 仅支持信用卡支付


  • First 12 month(s) for only $ 0.08/month, thereafter $ 0.70/month.
  • Minimum contract duration: 12 month(s), then yearly extension.
  • No setup fee.
  • Prices are listed in USD and do not include sales tax.
  • Offer is limited to 3 domains per customer.