Opennebula Blesta永久授权65折特价


  • 这是一个IDC的后端插件,配合Blesta 面板使用的,类似与solusvm等。


  • 原价100刀的 Opennebula Blesta 现价65刀。
    优惠码 541cSxsT
  • 2017年7月15日前有效


Well our opennebula blesta owned license is now $65 one time cost(support/upgrades past the initial free year will cost the normal rate though aren't required you still will have to renew your support/upgrades to get any updates for the module after the initial free year as you can stay on the version you had before you're support/upgrades expired though will be ineligible to get any newer versions unless the support/upgrades for the license is renewed)

this can be ordered here: orderlink with this coupon code: 541cSxsT that is valid until 7/15/17 which is this saturday.

the coupon code is only valid for our opennebula blesta owned license only(due to requirements as set in this thread it can only be one order link and one product so due to that we have limited the coupon code to our opennebula blesta owned license only which is one product).