open-telecom: 获取免费英国手机号码(+44)


2017.11.19 更新:感谢@Li在评论席的解释:1. 不能用于收短信,仅支持转接(不支持国内);2. 推荐0845的号码,原因见评论席。

We recommend the 0845 numbers, as these come with free line rental, free setup and free forwarding to UK landline and UK mobile, plus all incoming calls are free of charge and if you download our VoIP mobile app, you can receive calls any where in the world, as VoIP WiFi call roaming is free with FranzCom on our 0845 numbers and all our 08 and 070 numbers.
简而言之,最大的好处你可以通过下载网站官方 APP 来接听来自你申请的 0845 开头号码的电话,也就是不必通过国内的真实手机号来接听。
APP 获取方法: 1). Download the ZoiPer VoIP SIP phone mobile app from the Android or iPhone App Store 在 APPSTORE 搜索关键字 “ZoiPer VoIP SIP phone”


  • 今天逛逛逛,发现了一个免费申请英国号的方法,支持VOIP


Open Telecom is a leading UK Virtual Phone Number specialist with more than 300,000 users Worldwide. Provide Free IVR Services and Free Call Forwarding to the largest number of destinations including landlines and mobiles in over 100 Countries.
  • 导航栏—— PRODUCTS & SERVICES —— VOICE ,你就看见很多free的选项


  • 选择一个,填写好资料(转接收电话可以选中国号的),之后 “Submit Order”
  • 之后你就可以看自动分配的号码详情了,应是语音转接(手里没有打英国语音的东西就没测试了)


  • 最后,该怎么就怎么用。