DriveOne: 免费20G Amazon S3存储


  • 注意这是个新开的oneman,服务器在狗爹Godday的虚拟主机上,数据存储于Amazon S3上。
  • 目前不建议购买,仅建议存放不敏感的临时文件。后续观察是否值得长期使用。


driveone 网盘



Here is big offer for you from Driveone.!
100GB Premium Drive Space for free..! (30 days free trial) 20GB Drive Space Life Time Free..!
Here our site:

Why you want to Choose Drive One?
We not ask your personal information's. Just your email
No Verification Documents Needed
No popup ads, No Worries
All Uploaded Data Save under Amazon Servers
100% Data Protection Warranty
We do not share your personal information's with 3rd party because we do not have your personal information's ( Privacy 100% Protected )
Premium Drive Storage with Cheapest Price

How to get this offer?
Once you are created account you have automatically assign with 20GB Free Plan. to get 100GB offer. in left side footer area you can see "Upgrade" button. click it then you can see

How is payment process going?
We accept all credit cards, debit cards & prepaid cards & we use Stripe payment getway one of most trusted payment processing system in world.

Is there has any contracts & can i cancel anything if i needed?
We have no contracts and Yes, you can cancel or upgrade down grade your Drive plan any time

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